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Royal Story is a solid game that  request a lot of repetitive actions and requires a lot of time for gaining power and resources. That’s the main reason we choose to create our own version of a 100% working Royal Story Hack. This tool will help you advance faster through game and obtain easier the resources your kingdom needs to progress.  In order to take advantage of this great program and greatly improve your gaming experience, you need to download the tool, run it and activate the options you desire. We guarantee that you will have lots of fun using Royal Story Hack Tool.

Royal Story Hack Tool User-Interface is developed by our professional design team, it’s really easy to use and user-friendly.


Royal Story Hack Tool Download

Royal Story Hack Tool


 Royal Story Hack Tool Features:

  • Add Coins – Need more coins for your buildings/upgrades? Add more coins to your current stock.
  • Add Rubies – Add more rubies to your current stock.
  • Add Humble Hearts – Add more hearts/lives  to your current stock. This will help you play constantly and surpass the annoying limit.
  • Add Experience – leveling is going hard as hell for you? Add some extra experience to make it easier.
  • Maximum Energy – keeps the energy level at maximum all the time.
  • Double XP – obtain twice as much experience  as you would get in general for solving quests or making actions in game.
  • Auto Gift – obtain gifts from your friends, even though they are not sending them. It’s enough if they have Royal Story installed.
  • Proxy – you’re afraid that your current progress is at risk? Use proxy connection to inject the game and you’ll be completely safe.

Royal Story Hack Tool Details:

  • Operating System: Mac OS X & Windows XP/Vista /7 /8, Android, iOS.
  • Anti-Ban Protection : Yes.
  • Undetectable Script : Yes.


How to use Royal Story Hack Tool:

  1. Download Royal Story Hack Tool from one of the mirrors provided below.
  2. Extract the archive, read the info presented in the .txt file.
  3. Open the hack program, complete  the details requested.
  4. Select the options you want to activate, enter the amount of resources you want to add.
  5. After you finished completing the fields, press on Generate and wait until the loading bar is full.
  6. That’s it! Enjoy using our Royal Story Hack Tool. Share this article with your friends, so anyone will find out about this great tool.


Royal Story is the first real story based adventure game for Facebook. The game was developed by Fun+ and was launched  at the beginning at this year by the same company. Since then, it has been gradually gaining enough attraction to become a featured game in Facebook App Center. The story is set around a royalty avatar that rule a kingdom cursed by an evil sorceress. The player’s mission is to build their own storyline by restoring the fairytale kingdom, exploring exciting adventures and reunite with their family. This goal can be achieved through conventional farming and building sim gameplay based on supply chain-based mechanics. By example, the planted and harvested crops are fed to animals, which produce resources such as milk and eggs. The resources and crops are then combined to create products that can be sold or used to complete quests/build projects.

Download Royal Story Hack Tool v4.2 – updated on 20 March, 2015


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