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The famous Facebook game Dragon City is very popular nowadays and hack requests are raising from every corner of the world. So, we consider that it is proper to put effort into it and develop our 100% working Dragon City Hack Tool. This program will help you advance faster through game and become one of the best players in the game, greatly improving your game play experience. How do you think that first players were able to achieve so many in this game? Of course they did that with the help of hacks. So, in order to take advantage of this great tool too and become a really powerful opponent for them, you need to download the tool, run it and activate the proper settings. We’ll assure you that you’ll have lots of fun playing while using Dragon City Hack Tool.

Download Dragon City Hack Tool v6.0


Dragon City Hack 2015

 FeaturesDragon City Hack Tool Features the following options:

  • Resources Adder –instantly adds gold, gems and food, the basic and most needed resources.
  • Add Experience – everytime you activate this option, you will get a decent amount of experience points.
  • Instant Level up – adding experience takes too much time? Just opt in this feature, press hack and and you will level up.
  • Instant Dragons – your dragon will hatch from the egg instantly. This will save you precious time.
  • Instant Buildings – the buildings are raised instantly from the ground. No more wating times!
  • Instant Task loader – thanks to this option you will no longer  have to wait until a certain command you gave to be finalised, even though is about harvesting resources, growing food, upgrading a building and so on.
  • Auto Gift – get gifts from your friends automatically, without their action.
  • Goal Solver – it there a task too hard or impossible for you? No problem, just activate this option and it will be automatically considered as solved.
  • Browser Auto Detection – detects your primary browser and configure the hack to its parameters.
  • Use Proxies – use this option if you are having problems when activating options or adding resources.

Dragon City Hack Tool Details:

  • Operating System: Mac & Windows XP/Vista /7 /8, iOS and Android.
  • Anti-Ban Protection : Yes.
  • Undetectable Script : Yes.


How to use Dragon City Hack Tool:

  1. Download Dragon City Hack Tool.
  2. Extract the archive, double click the exe file.
  3. Run the program and complete the details requested.
  4. Select the options you want to activate. After you decide what you want to try out, check again the details you filled and click on Generate button.
  5. Enjoy using our Dragon City Hack Tool and make sure to share this article with your friends, so anyone will find out about this great tool.

About Dragon City

Dragon City is a fantasy simulation game developed by Social Point for Facebook and iOS. The objective of the game is to breed and raise all sorts of dragons in a fantastic world of magical islands, helping the little dragons since they are out of their eggs until they are fully grown. After you raise your dragons you can challenge other people’s dragons for a battle, but you can also build habitats for the dragons that you can decorate with objects.


Download Dragon City Hack Tool v6.0 – (Updated on May 23, 2015)

Download Dragon City Hack Tool v6.0How to Download?

How To Download Dragon City Hack Tool v6.0